Poem – “The Bulk of my Depression” – Romance – 9/3/2020

Downwards on a slope
Towards where I still seek to grope
For the plains that hold no flowers,
As just the dust settles from the overcast,
Long as my emotions last.

Of winter,
For this white could not look more black.
I peel back my eyes,
To see the sourness of the sun,
Burning me to stillness,
Leaving me open.

I run,
Though I cannot fall
Deep enough
To hear myself call
The words I know will not let me
Stay upright.
She is my blanket.

My love,
Her arms
Find weight in where my eyes do hate
The burden of a greater pain,
The sight of a widening stain,
Where disgrace boils over my face,
Where love burns a petal, fallen from above.