Poem – “The Bulk of my Depression” – Romance – 9/3/2020

Downwards on a slope
Towards where I still seek to grope
For the plains that hold no flowers,
As just the dust settles from the overcast,
Long as my emotions last.

Of winter,
For this white could not look more black.
I peel back my eyes,
To see the sourness of the sun,
Burning me to stillness,
Leaving me open.

I run,
Though I cannot fall
Deep enough
To hear myself call
The words I know will not let me
Stay upright.
She is my blanket.

My love,
Her arms
Find weight in where my eyes do hate
The burden of a greater pain,
The sight of a widening stain,
Where disgrace boils over my face,
Where love burns a petal, fallen from above.

5 thoughts on “Poem – “The Bulk of my Depression” – Romance – 9/3/2020

  1. Beautiful as usual. Probably I never mentioned before how beautiful the photos displayed with your poems. Old Hollywood still look so damn good. We lost elegance and glamour. I don’t know how we got to a point to wear ripped torn denim and feel beautiful! Our mind has been brainwashed to its core!

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    1. Yeah. It’s like people have lost the standards of beauty that defined what it meant to be “objectively” beautiful. We merely slap on the label of “beauty” onto anything a person can just say is beautiful.

      I look at beauty. I see it to be something meant to be lifted to a higher standard, always so. That’s actually how the art world functioned, before Pablo Picasso and the abstract/avant-garde came into view. The purpose behind art, before such modern movements came around, was for the pupil to continue to surpass the master. To elevate upon beauty through greater and greater applications of skill and insight into what it stands for. I still believe in this. Even in college, I was criticized for my poems sounding too “old-fashioned”.

      Now it seems the ugly, the different, and the new has replaced the beautiful, the captivating, and the original.


      1. There is worse. It happened to me. I am not an artist and surely not a painter but I draw. Somebody saw my drawings once and said to me that, in order to be creative and original, I had to let go of technique. To which I replied that nothing can be done without a technique and great artists master their techniques.
        And this is how they over passed their masters: by crafting and evolving the techniques they already knew.
        Needless to say that people makes me mad sometimes.

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      2. Exactly.

        Throwing a load of paint on the canvas, and just saying, “Well, I was doing something original and ‘unique’. Please appreciate my efforts,” is abandoning the technique, altogether.

        Even Picasso mastered his techniques, before he became creative with abstraction.

        Though, most abstract artists nowadays do not want to learn the fundamentals, nor traditional painting. They want to just fly into the creativity, and by believing they can “create anything”, they are essentially creating nothing.


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