Poem – “Caught inside Her” – Romance – 9/5/2020

What a mind
I was born within,
A final echoing moment
That I release from lips chapped by time.
I release the fuel from the fire,
The water from the soil,
The entrances from the exits,
The simplicity from the complication.

I sacrifice tears,
To let allowance to awesome fears,
A greater shivering
To a world that has nothing more
Than the pain where I sink myself,
The earth where I cling myself,
The sinew where I hang myself.
My placement, is for a tide of war.

Just an epiphany
Of love,
Where smoke and fires
Engulf streets made of history’s pages.
I am the white-out
Upon the blackness to ink.
The endeavor to an equation that reaches forever.
She welcome my empty spirit.

She embraces something
Meant for the ocean.

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