Poem – “Your Breathing Kiss” – Romance – 9/6/2020

Breathe into me,
Lift me from the water,
For my feet have been drowning.
Your dark hair,
Your ivory flesh
Is all enough to feed me,
Seed me,
Twist me
In all comforting senses to you.

You have meaning to your eyes,
A gleam to your gaze.
Kiss me with all the radiance of this forgotten world,
Filled with flames,
Smothered in guilt.
Branded by deepest sorrows
That never walk away.

Taste me,
Lose yourself in me.
Form the lakes about your feet,
Rend the world apart by your sigh.

Lose your mind
In the bowels
Of this quiet comfort,
Where dreams from above

Do blanket the earth,
Do walk with broadest smiles.

Taste the rose,
Kiss the miles,
Let us swim
Through current after bloody current.

These strands of your hair
Are cobwebs.
I will kiss
Until time allows us to rot in our hearts.