Poem – “The Wandering Ocean” – Romance – 9/8/2020

Panic runs
To then return,
Upon a moment in sunrise,
When the flies swarm open mouths,
Lost in the wounds,
Lost in the eclipse
Of your heart in the moon.
Your beauty is a dream without extent,
Without a face,
Without the needed trace
To this wandering ocean.

Combined with me,
You are the dust that settles
On the reddest rose,
Blanketing my scowl,
Drowning out my howl,
For you are the moon of no face,
Above this wandering ocean.

For my pain,
For the stains upon my fingers
Live among the fading sunset,
Across from my locked scenario
Where death is my cross,
As the cross is my safety.
Just a pair of arms glistening from blood.

I am,
What you reflect
Back to me.
Just a leaf
That decays, wickedly.