Poem – “To Think of a Woman’s Depression” – Romance – 9/17/2020

When arms can
Embrace the loosest limbs,
We are harbored
On shores made for times
Of rolling winds,
Our expelling sighs.
Can we sentence
The earth deeper,
Beneath us?
Can we kiss
Our wounds to see the stars?

I can count
Of your skipping heartbeat.
It dances,
It jumps
As you bleed
Notes from between your lips.
Loss to me
Is to be uncovered,
To be seen
By my naked eyes,
Caressed by my trembling hands.

Can you be seen
By a magnificence, more than I
Have allowed you to cry?

Feast on the wine
I have drained from your quivering lips,
And take to the sea, your breath.

Love is the simplest bite,
For the most complex of digestions.
For I cannot comprehend
What is so covered,
By a field, wielding tears,
By the earth, growing fears.

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