Quote – “Mental Illness” – 9/21/2020

“Oh, the Schizophrenic is none so accursed as one might think. Their ability to look at the world differently can be a boon to those who see this realm for everyone, in a stagnant and uneven position. As I am one diagnosed with such an illness, it is then that I perceive what a human is indeed cursed to fragment, though blessed to place together in order. The only emotion I can think of to represent this order, is a one that holds all others in place. It is love.

For who I love can be fragmented by perception. By the analogy, I dissect. Though, by love, I reinforce.”

– Modern Romanticism


  1. Schizophrenia is so misunderstood. I think schizophrenia makes the one who has it see the world differently. Sorry to say that mental illness researches don’t get funded much. It explains why so many mental illnesses are still not well known.

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    1. Well… there’s most certainly been a lot of people with their own mental illness, who are extremely creative types. Such as me, I guess. 😀

      I do my own research, into many areas. I use my own brain.

      Though, I can guess at why science doesn’t understand the mind. I can say that I believe science is better suited to understanding the human body. Because, of each thing that is read of research detailed in an article, it is always labelled as “beneficial”. Beneficial for the mind? No. Beneficial for what we see to be our flaws. Knowledge is nothing if it is never used. So, why would we keep what we read, just stored in our heads? What was the point in reading what was researched?

      I believe love is what can cure the mind’s mental issues. Though, love is not something meant to be mass produced. You can’t put love in a bottle, nor can you buy it for yourself. It’s always administered by someone else. And… there are very few people in this world with both the patience and the empathy required to see beyond merely themselves, to someone else’s suffering.

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      1. Unfortunately science has become beneficial and money oriented. This why mental illness is somehow discarded or less interesting because the cure is never certain like the cure of the body.

        It takes love, compassion and curiosity.

        I have known a schizophrenic whose parents are my parents’ friends. The guy is in his 60s now. He was always open to us and talked a lot with us because that’s what my parents taught me: to be compassionate and respectful of others and to give attention and love to the ones who suffer. We were the only ones spared by the harm that he was capable of towards people when he was younger, I grew up understanding somehow what schizophrenia is. It is a different view on reality.

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      2. I honestly do not know what kind of mental illness I have. In this post, I mentioned I have Schizophrenia. Though, in the past, I was diagnosed with everything under the table…

        Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective disorder, Bipolar 1, Asperger’s Syndrome… you name it.

        I was taken to a ward twice, during 2018. I explained my symptoms during one of those times, and they just gave me a grocery list worth of diagnoses.

        I mean, I could have taken that list home, and said to myself, “My life sure is screwed, if this is what’s wrong with me.”

        Although, the reason I was experiencing all of this, was because I was weening off an anti-psychotic. My nurse said to me, “Be careful when you are getting off this drug, because your symptoms may return.”

        A bit later, I asked myself, “How do these people know the difference between ‘returning symptoms’, and just the withdrawal effects of this powerful medication?”

        Once, I looked at a forum full of people who were everything from crack addicts to alcoholics, who were diagnosed and prescribed with certain meds. Then, I noticed that one of them mentioned the drug I was getting off. He said, “This stuff is worse than getting off heroin.”

        I’ve never been on any street drugs, nor have I even smoked weed. So… I cannot make a comparison.

        I was on the highest dose of this anti-psychotic that is normally prescribed. It’s called Risperidone. Horrible stuff. Makes you lose your empathy, and I couldn’t cry over the death of my father for 6 years. Then, just 6 months after I was fully off it, I wept from both the massive anxiety I felt, and over the thought of him.

        I wanted to get off it, because I wanted to feel something more. I guess I was just curious… and it ended up almost killing me… like a cat, I guess. Lol.


      3. You sound to me very sane, much more than a lot of people I know.

        There is something I am sure of: those meds worsen things. For the people I know who are on what’s so called “happy pills” became addict and don’t function well. By these pills I mean also antidepressants. I am not a doctor, I am just an observer.

        On the other hand, illness needs cure that includes pills but a change of the way of life too. I wonder if sugar, responsible for so many deseases, can also alter brain’s functions. Maybe there is a link between food and mental illness. There must be something of this sort.

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