Poem – “Old Man who Cannot Smile” – Romance – 9/28/2020

How can he
State his fate
With only air to grip
In empty palm?
The pain that has sunk
His heart into a stone
Has been squeezed
Of every last tear.
Just a man,
Only a man
Who wears no crown,
With his queen
Looking down.

His face curves,
His shoulders burn
Of their residue.
Just blank ashes
That cannot remember from where
They fell.
Love, he sees
Of her,
In the trees,
Faint winds carrying scents
Of her, in sweetest escape
From blanketing meadows,
From the ever-worn glades.

He carted her
Heavy, in vowing arms
That raised the gates of forts
To shut out the massacre
Of a thousand other women.
Her carted her
To the burial of a forgotten few,
Whose eyes were still seeing Heaven,
The vow of a man who hadn’t fallen,
Not like the angel whose stand
Had soon reached the sand.
He carted her
To where he departed her
In the place where he could love her.

For just a second more,
To love her,
To cast his eyes upon fragility’s melting state,
With pity to his every shift
For movement that no longer mattered,
In a sadness that for tears, been gathered.

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