Poem – “Of Weights Beneath my Eyes” – Romance – 9/30/2020

Love is never a fair witness,
As only the humming in ears
That continually yearn
For the timeless breaths
Unveiled from simple lips
That never kissed another pair,
Departed from the moon
To hold a neck in a bite.

Her slight,
Her state in knowing
Love from the disarranged image
Has made me write the message
That a bottle for the drunk
Cannot hold.
Intoxicated, as I am,
By breath and bone.

By a nail stuck upright from the coffin,
Allowing air,
There is some life
To the lonely strife,
Of three simple words that can come forth
From the nectar that drops off her humming lips,
As the bird before the prey,
Singing for lonely stars.

She can send her wings forward,
Folding branches against limbs
Of my own,
Within aching scenery.

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