To sail,
To believe
In the unending fairness
Of this day’s voyage
Beneath Heavenly sun,
Loving skies
Beaming as though your eyes
Were to kiss the face of me
In where love shows all destiny.

My welcome,
This sea where your eyes call
A color down,
Undressed of torment,
Naked in all sensation,
Believing in a nothingness,
A depth
Where hearts still quake,
As silences do break.

The forest of your eyes,
The mildew where daylight dies
On the rocks, where decay
Becomes a travesty,
Becomes dismay.

I can seek your song in the earth,
I can reach
For a silenced birth
Of a heart that has yet to start,
Song of silence, song of disdain.

Love draws sentences
To be written on paragraphs,
For vows,
As dissertations never studied,
But merely worded.

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