Quote – “To the Burden of Loss” – 10/9/2020

“For the case of a child who does not weep for the loss of a parent, nor an infant that does not weep for the loss of an older sibling, it is due to the inability to differ dependency from independency. This defines innocence. For what we can define of loss, it is the heavy feeling of sacrifice, becoming loss. To who was lost, we gave, never lost, of ourselves to them, while they lived. In our love for them, they depended on us, for that sentiment, of it, and to be within it. Their dependency was our sacrifice, as their death is now our loss. It is to a child’s stoic behavior on loss, that they cannot comprehend sacrifice, or the act of loving another more than themselves. It is due to this, that we can prove it an objective cause for a parent, to have the job and role of caring for the child.”

– Modern Romanticism