Poem – “A Kiss Remaining Red” – Romance – 10/8/2020

You, as you
Me, as we
Fall with knees to the dampness
Of soil,
Wet by rain,
While eyes are stained
With the battles of red,
As you kept
Secrets that mattered to the rest
A nothingness,
But to me,
An everything.

Erase histories
Of your fragile existence.
For what can I taste of iron
As a sword carves a heart
In the sand?
I can make glass from shores
Where oceans do not reach,
To your reflection of beauty,
For my sake.

A kiss that remains in a puddle
Offers contemplation to me,
Than the knowledge
Of understood identity.
Vacancy twists
Roads that do not wind back
My steps to where I lost you
On a path that was never pure,
Was never new.