A: You must comprehend where his hatred originated, his anger originated, for it was not something he ever welcomed with open arms.

B: How then, did it occur in his heart, when before, he was loving?

A: To imagine a man, who once had a heart full of love. To understand him, to have paid attention, to that his need to remain vulnerable around her, meant he was sure of himself. Love does not come alive, from nowhere. It is always around us. Though, to submit to it, as he did, means to never walk, again. He had stopped, on the crossroads to his love, to unveil from the womb to his heart, secrets he knew could never be birthed to anyone else.

B: Then, his vulnerabilities were soon brought back to him, in scattered pieces?

A: It is the vulnerability of a man, that comes not so often, and remains a shock to him to believe he could do so. So sudden, because as love is no choice, it was to him, an onset of something he could never part from. More than that, those secrets came back to him like bodies from the ocean, to the shore. He had loved, though more than loved, he had trusted. More than even that, he had trusted no one else. He had lost trust with everyone else.

B: How could he lose trust with all else, besides her?

A: When a man trusts, he learns to never present tears, like gifts, like the diamond atop the gold band of a wedding ring, to anyone else besides the one who would listen. For when he prays to God, he prays she listens, too. To trust her, and then, to trust no one else, meant for him to place the risk of eventual loss of it all. To be enraged, at the time of such loss, means for him to throw all hurt upon the one who was always closest. Still closest, because to hate, means that feelings still remain.

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