Poem – “How I Lost you, Beneath the Waves” – Romance – 10/19/2020

In my dark,
Where reflections are my understanding
Of so-limited truth,
She brought out my lost notes,
My sacred pledges,
Deserted among the strangled ocean,
Born down upon my arms,
Where I can bleed her,
Soon as I lose her.

Losing her,
Beneath waves, cold as silk,
Long with the tide,
Curving her,

Writing my truth upon her form,
White as the porcelain,
Glistening as the ivory
Of wilted bones,
Like faces constructed of the sand.

I can hold out
For resignation
That will never live up the ways
She crossed me
In the tides
Swept, open-wide
And leaving me,
Like blood moving cautiously

In the entwined structure of a heart.

She makes her burial the last moment
In the ocean,
Before her marriage
With the multitude of drowned.

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