Poem – “Will Her Breath be Warm?” – Romance – 10/29/2020

Will it,
Upon the day when I take you
Shower me in golden splashes?
I want to hold all there is,
Of you
In this wilderness of smog
Of cities that weep their hatred
Over streets made of flame.

Will your breath be warm,
Of golden arrows to pierce my heart?
Will you echo the loudness
Of certain enamoring

I want you
In these arms,
Where I can bathe you,
Without your worries,
Without your sobbing.

I want to drain those tears,
As is enough with your fears.
I just need enough to hear,
Just enough to spear
Me, on the highest gulf,
Where I can bend
Like newborn child
To you,
With ring in hand,
With tears to land.

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