Poem – “Worshipped by Hope” – Romance – 11/3/2020

Is the gliding stare
To the ends
Of where
We can find ourselves loving reflections,
Like children without direction,
With our feet placed
Upon soil that runs,
Faster than us.

Love is where we may be seated,
As we might be sighted,
Lifted to the welkin above,
As we are sunken below
In arms, that bury ourselves,
While the skies above, will weep.

We live
In each other’s stares,
Like hope martyred hope,
Like fires stung the rope
That would have killed the living surge
Of happiness, where we are birthed.

I can ferry a ship
To see you,
To breathe you
Like oceans were crossed
Upon my shoulders,
So that I might kiss you,
Warm you,
With your eyes staining the lids.

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