Poem – “Buried on a Line” – Romance – 11/4/2020

Living upon turned over rocks,
Making my mark upon fertile soil,
Losing an edge for every crease,
Leaking sadness, as my last breath.
She calls to thunder,
She buries herself
In awe and wonder.

Like a face defeated
Upon pebbles that trail
An ocean’s
Failing point,
I can kiss what will eventually be buried
In the lines I draw
So crude
In the nude sand.

I will grow
A stem from a petal,
Then a stigma from a leaf.
I will rape the sky
For its body to shower the drops
Lifting you high,
Where Heaven wields you.

I can breathe you a membership
To victimhood.
Though, can your arms never break?
Can your head never shake?

Can the angels notice the frailness,
Of one shell upon the listless shore
Where your wasted growth
Was surely adored?