Repetition is not ever in the comprehension of who needs their necessity. A necessity of something so needed, will not be met through repetition. For those who speak highly of mass production, in its relation to equal distribution, cannot ever tell of quality to that necessity.

To need something of the time it is required, will make the patience for it, stand out. For in the want of it, makes the waiting period, the tellable dilemma. The wait of a product, to ease the pains of what is ill, is only due to that the gap becomes narrowed between the wanting person, and the distributer.

A gap, for this is the reach of the distributer to the one who is required of a thing. Their reach will become narrowed, due to a forceful person’s wish for it, due unto their impatience. Yet, to narrow the gap, comes at the cost of opportunity for what is available. This is due to there being a contrast between patience for a specific, and the straight-up immediacy for it born out of impatience.

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