Empathy Talk – “Why Suicide is the FINAL Choice” – 11/10/2020

“Whenever does the choice become clear to the awareness of finality? It is received upon the last effort to control, out of the lack of it.”

– Modern Romanticism

It is to the suicidal person, that a lack of control is their way to say that the end will be their way to have it back.

When much is crumbling about the suicidal person, their attempt to construct, is for their tomb. Their grave, their headstone, is the last construction, marking them as having made that independent choice. Outside of love, outside of protection, this had occurred.

To reconcile with their own lives, makes the suicidal person wish for one last stand, to control. For it is out of any human’s urge for independence, to have choice, to have power, to have reign, that a life is worth comprehending. And only ever for the understanding, that a person of no personal control, no freedom, can have it at the last moment.

The suicidal person, upon when their control has always been limited in their own lives, believes to earn it, upon that finality.

The final moment, the final decision, as the suicidal person wishes to have no interference in the matter. It is always that a choice, when a person desires control, wishes for no interruption. We have control, as humans, to make the independent decision, with no person to disturb it, nor to make the choice for us.

Though, why not out of love, that we can guide, not domineer? Why not out of love that we can halt the foolish decision to end? Why not out of love that we can lead through example, not force?

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