Philosophy – “Why Diversity cannot be Forced” – 11/29/2020

“The importance of diversity is in its expression, of language. Yet, can art be forced, without the burnout of the soul? Must extreme measures be taken for the person of their language to force truth forward? Forcing diversity seems to be what makes the torturous interrogator.”

– Modern Romanticism

Forcing truth, to the surface of one’s own esophagus, is to eject diversity without its naturalism.

We are not intimate with ourselves, with what we express, with what we feel, when another means to place us “on the spot”. For those who force diversity are also people who mean to humiliate. They are the psychopaths, the extractors, and those who wish for truth to be regurgitated.

Examples of truth, of all diversity, is to the ideas of it, spoken next for speech’s sake, then made tangible and physical.

We love truth, for we trust it. We cannot love God, for we cannot care for Him. Yet, we can love God’s words, as we are silent in our attentiveness. Though, to Creation so natural as a spawned life from a womb, we cannot force without resorting to a philosophy that pertains to the inhuman. Whether inhuman or psychopathic, the “interrogator mentality” is the abomination meant to be purged without diversity for what kills.

It takes no special instrument to slay, though to extract truth? That requires genius.

Yet, it requires an equal amount of genius, not of the evil and malicious intent, to create truth. It is of example, of Creation, that truth is made. For we do not force it, when it is made, anymore than a mother must force her child out of her, during labor. Anymore than a husband rapes his wife, out of force, to impregnate her, would make the diversity; because, it will not.

Diversity is always a creation, born as an example unto it. Artists do not force it out, anymore than creativity can be turned on like a faucet.

4 thoughts on “Philosophy – “Why Diversity cannot be Forced” – 11/29/2020

    1. Diversity can be forced. Look at BLM, look at cancel culture. Look at people who have gotten hurt for not being diverse enough and not being ‘woke’. Mike Gundy the head football coach at Oklahoma State wore a shirt of a network that supports Donald Trump and was called a racist, bigot, and other things on the internet including one of his ‘woke’ players saying he wouldn’t play for him.

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      1. Yet, these are the very same people who speak for women, for so-called “minorities”, for children who are victimized whether as bullies or refugees.

        They are the people who defend those sorts, though they’ll force diversity which has the very same mindset of the example I had made. The example that states a man would rape his wife, to “force the diversity” that comes about as numbers. See, when diversity becomes forced, it is literally the division of tearing people apart. It’s the diversity of causation, rather than creation. One has caused trauma, for such a thing cannot be “created”. No person on Earth can “create” something that is bad, as that should be instead termed as “causing” something that is bad.

        One can create diversity, or cause diversity. You’ve got gender studies, which renounces the simple “male” and “female”, to make numerous others. This is the causation of diversity which reflects the fragmentation of things already so natural about diversity. That is, one is merely splitting apart or dividing what is already naturally diverse. It would be the same as a person looking upon a tree, to then say, “It doesn’t need to just be a tree. It can be a million branches, of different sizes.” So… perhaps these idiots should be more honest with themselves, and begin promoting the logging industry, instead of hugging those very trees.


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