Philosophy – “The Reason Men Weep” – 12/6/2020

“Never believe it is a choice to weep, for when a man does, he is no longer protecting himself. A choice to weep, would directly relate to force. When does a man force tears, other than to lie? When does a man cry so naturally before a woman, other than to be truthful?”

– Modern Romanticism

Men do not choose to weep. They choose to not weep. For their choices extend upon the protection of themselves, and were they to weep, they’d vehemently express their need to protect another. When a man hardens himself, to never weep, he is protecting what is within. If he cries for another, that is his expression to say the words, “I am protecting you, by making myself vulnerable.”

To say it is society to force a man to never weep, to encourage no tears from a man, is a falsehood. It is not society that tells a man to never weep. It is men who tell themselves, when facing their worst personal moments, to never weep. Men encourage themselves, teach themselves, force themselves to never weep. For this is how a man lies to himself, placing a mask upon his face that tells the world that truth does not need to be said, by him.

How are we to say that society is teaching us, when we are the makers to it? We are not the reflection of society, so much as it is a reflection of ourselves, of damage caused by our own hands. Of all things we see around us, of poverty that litters the streets, to sickness that withers a crippled man, is either the negligence or the deliberate acts, of us, to have caused it.

Humans have already given up their freedoms, if they believe some phantasmal force called “society” teaches them, and they are not in control of what can be created, instead of caused.

And, what happens when we break society? Do we break ourselves? As in, does a man find breaking down a wall, something that makes him cry? When he destroys a building or even his own marriage, is that only when he is meant to weep?

Must it be something a man can destroy, that makes him cry over its damages? What if, when upon a better moment, he can shed a tear over something meant to be protected?

Men weep over what can be protected, because he no longer protects himself. Soon as he buries himself in the feeling of self-punishment, saving those he loves from it, he weeps.

24 thoughts on “Philosophy – “The Reason Men Weep” – 12/6/2020

    1. I’ve always believed it was more of an instinct. Innate. Inherent.

      But, even if it does begin as someone else telling him this, then why does it come so easily for a man to follow such words?

      The “ease” of it, of people who follow certain ideals, without much resistance, is what interests me.

      Why is it that a woman can be led into temptation, with much ease, that this psychology has been in existence, since it was told for the tale between Adam & Eve, thousands of years ago?

      You see a woman being tempted into power. Politics. Corporate positions. A woman is always tempted by the Devil. She’s hungrier for power, even more than your average male. However, that psychology is accepted, and even promoted.

      You see a man brought down from his power, by eventual guilt, though dragged out of him by someone perceptible enough. He looks upon his past to see many decades of darkness. He can look ahead to see decades more of it.

      What is with the “ease” factor for why such things are so commonplace, and have been recorded in literature for our memory, since ages past?

      If to cry, for a man, is with such ease for a man to never do, then it is an instinct kept asleep, until awakened by the “right words”.

      1. I have struggled against incredible odds to both stay Intellectually Honest and to retain my Sensitivity and Empathy.

        Chromosomally men and women share the X chromosome – female nature.

        So men do have Empathy and Intuition. But in the case of men their empathy for others and emotional sensitivity are trained out of him starting with his mother.

        A women’s greatest weakness is thinking with her heart – emotions – instead of thinking with her head. Which is why women are so easily seduced by an individual who flatters her ego by telling her what she wants to hear. Its also what makes women fickle – falling in and out of love depending on how she feels at any given moment.

        Men on the other hand are vulnerable both emotionally and sexually which is why they fall so easily for a pretty face and the display of a women’s curves.

        Yet because they are forced by society to suppress and deny their empathy – emotions – makes it hard for them to express their feelings to their partner and all too easily manipulated.

      2. Again, and like it said in the post, “society” is what human beings have created. It’s not something that magically manifested out of thin air. We made society. Therefore, to reject society is to reject ourselves, or reject our nature. To change society, would require a change to ourselves, or even a belief that we have changed for the better. If we plan to destroy society, cause chaos by way of Anarchy, then we inevitably destroy ourselves or each other.

      3. Society is created by individuals who like to dominate others. Embracing one’s emotions and empathy is an act of rebellion against those who seek to control and manipulate others. While embracing what society demands of us is to reject our nature.

      4. Society? Dominance? That is all what is around us, is it not?

        If we are not embracing society, then society is inevitably embracing us.

        Emotions are also something that may dominate, especially negative ones. Empathy is something that represents “human connection”. Though, it requires something of a human to become broken, for empathy to engage with that vulnerability.

        If there is no dominance, then there is nothing broken. Empathy will engage with everything vulnerable, so that such a human connection protects what should not be further broken.

      5. Like Captain Kirk told Spock’s brother in Star Trek 5 The Final Frontier: “I need my pain!” I use the pain I’ve experienced throughout my life to empathize with others.

      6. I keep too much inside of myself. I’ve written nearly 1,500 poems on this blog. Though, when I weep, it’s always in a corner.

        Pain, I know. It’s not alien to me. I’ve lost my father, and one of my best friends, to cancer. I nearly lost my GF to suicide.

        I feel anger, most days. Just endless bitterness.

      7. I know it is easier to say than do. But the only way I have been able to keep the anger and bitterness from consuming me. Is to immerse myself in reaching out and helping others. Doing so has a marvelously positive effect on those who help others. For every thing we do whether good or bad to others reflects back on ourselves.

      8. The only reason I’m still alive, today, and why we’re having this conversation, is because I saved myself from committing suicide, after my relationship with my beloved broke off because of a Neurological problem. She said, “You’ll find someone else to love.” I cannot. I can only love her. She has challenged me, completed me… in every possible way.

        I saved myself by coming up with an idea to return to school, because I have vowed to her that I would find a way to cure that issue.

        I wouldn’t care about the fame, nor the fortune, of doing it. The idea has saved my life, so I will save the marriage my beloved and I dreamed of having.

      9. I am sorry that happened to you. I once fell for a girl in high school who refused to return my feelings. It took around ten years of marriage to my wife to realize that she wasn’t worthy of my love.

      10. The one I have is probably the strongest woman I’ve ever known. She possesses a hard exterior, though within, she’s full of putty. 😀

      11. It’s like all the quotes in literature about the “creation” of monsters. What makes them, besides other human hands? Like Atomic weaponry. It’s as any other beast, kept caged up. When needed, it is released from confinement to wreak havoc.

        It’s always with “good intent”, though, isn’t it? I swear, if people turned their money towards honesty, rather than endless reassurance, we’d never be making monsters in the first place.

      12. We always create our own monsters. Have you ever watched Forbidden Plant? It is an excellent science fiction movie and its premise is that an ancient race created a machine to enhance their natural telepathic powers. Only to destroy themselves when they turned it on by their own monsters lurking within their ID.

      13. My only problem with science is that it’s something that represents all the materialism, in this world. I believe its true disconnection and endless feud with religion and faith, is in an actualized disconnection in terms of trust.

        Who among business trusts anyone, within business? Materialism is the worth of another, though only by the heaviness of their wallet. That is, what I believe, science follows. The endless material… trail of waste and debris that is behind the steps of “progress”.

        There is subtlety in religion. There is subtlety in science. Both sides have performed their guerilla tactics for terrorist acts.

      14. There has always been and there will always be those, who abuse and misuse religion and business, undermining our trust and faith in both.

        Look up the Jim Jones Cult from 1978.

        You will also find this very same cultish mindset in the ideologies of both Liberalism and Conservativism and their misguided followers.

        The trick is to decide what you chose to believe based on evidenced; as opposed to following someone whose only interest is telling others how they should think and believe.

      15. Indeed! I have discussed many of these issues in my latest post entitled “Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity” and published at

        I enjoyed your conversations here. Happy New Year to both of you! May you find 2021 very much to your liking and highly conducive to your learning, writing, thinking and blogging!

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  1. I agree with you, I think that men for the most part tell themselves not to cry, not society. There are physiological studies done that explain how men tend to shutdown faster than women when faced with negative emotions due more intense cardiovascular reactions. It is a self preservation tactic mostly.

    1. Interesting. I didn’t know about those studies.

      I’ve figured it out to be that a man might hear from his fellow men to never cry perhaps just once, though he will repeat those words to himself a thousand more times.

      Men are hard on themselves, as they take to the notion of “failure” a lot more readily.

      It also should be noted that men successfully commit suicide at a rate of 4 times the amount, while it is women who attempt the act more times with no success. I once was told, by someone I know, that a woman expects someone to save her, in the process of ending her life. Whereas, for a man, he believes hope is surely gone, and so commits the act of suicide with more seriousness.

      1. Very true. For most men they do not look to others to be saved, nor would they want to be. Everything is internalized. Nice content, I like the romanticist take

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