Philosophy – “The Reason Men Weep” – 12/6/2020

“Never believe it is a choice to weep, for when a man does, he is no longer protecting himself. A choice to weep, would directly relate to force. When does a man force tears, other than to lie? When does a man cry so naturally before a woman, other than to be truthful?”

– Modern Romanticism

Men do not choose to weep. They choose to not weep. For their choices extend upon the protection of themselves, and were they to weep, they’d vehemently express their need to protect another. When a man hardens himself, to never weep, he is protecting what is within. If he cries for another, that is his expression to say the words, “I am protecting you, by making myself vulnerable.”

To say it is society to force a man to never weep, to encourage no tears from a man, is a falsehood. It is not society that tells a man to never weep. It is men who tell themselves, when facing their worst personal moments, to never weep. Men encourage themselves, teach themselves, force themselves to never weep. For this is how a man lies to himself, placing a mask upon his face that tells the world that truth does not need to be said, by him.

How are we to say that society is teaching us, when we are the makers to it? We are not the reflection of society, so much as it is a reflection of ourselves, of damage caused by our own hands. Of all things we see around us, of poverty that litters the streets, to sickness that withers a crippled man, is either the negligence or the deliberate acts, of us, to have caused it.

Humans have already given up their freedoms, if they believe some phantasmal force called “society” teaches them, and they are not in control of what can be created, instead of caused.

And, what happens when we break society? Do we break ourselves? As in, does a man find breaking down a wall, something that makes him cry? When he destroys a building or even his own marriage, is that only when he is meant to weep?

Must it be something a man can destroy, that makes him cry over its damages? What if, when upon a better moment, he can shed a tear over something meant to be protected?

Men weep over what can be protected, because he no longer protects himself. Soon as he buries himself in the feeling of self-punishment, saving those he loves from it, he weeps.