Philosophy – “Truth, Life, & Beauty – Criticism against Body Positivity” – 12/27/2020

“The life or beauty none so flawed is a lie none so truthful.”

– Modern Romanticism

Beauty is the image of any one person, so flawed as to consider their errors, their lack of accountability and responsibility. To the person who claims they are entirely beautiful or wholly without error, while in fact possessing ugliness, must also comprehend themselves as having a life of no flaws. Is not all life flawed? Is not all life so problematic? Therefore, to the one who claims their beauty to be flawless, must be the one with the mentality to say they are the lie without a hint of truth.

To the truth without a lie attached, or the beauty without ugliness involved, or the life without its committed errors, makes flawlessness or perfection an impossibility. Unless we are those who can live without mistakes, or those can speak without telling lies, or those who can appear as something without looking hideous to a person’s eyes, we are flawed. As humans, we are.

Body positivity is no more than the lie that claims to speak of truth, the beauty that claims to mimic perfection, and the life that claims to never learn from any error.

Truth, life, and beauty hold the same meaning. They are equivalent to things so errored, so imperfect, that anything other than their definition would be heinous and deceptive.

For the person to say their beauty is not a mark of ugliness, is same to say that their life is not a mark of error, which is also same to say they cannot be truthful to themselves. In this case, they are endlessly lying to have their way. To “have one’s way” means to deceive, to leave out the necessity for responsibility, and to cheat one’s way to the top.

We cannot be positive, unless we are negative to the greatest weakness any human can possess. And, that is, to believe one lacks a weakness, for that is a lie, is against life, is against beauty.

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