Note from a Blogger – “The Cure for a Beloved” – 12/28/2020

Upon a time in my life, the only woman I ever loved, and will continue to love, was diagnosed with a Neurological issue. This specific issue, though not life-threatening, put a dent in our relationship, preventing us from getting married. For a while, our dreams seemed crushed. Trampled, by fate, itself.

However, I have come to realize that fate is not absolute due to certain circumstances that affect one’s path in life. That is, one does not have to wind up at a dead-end, with no other direction. Though, that is how it felt, soon when our relationship came to a close, due to this diagnosis.

Out of all the things I have been able to do for her, my beloved, I decided some months back in 2020, to return to University, and learn to fix her problem, myself. I comprehend it, that she will not be the only one to benefit from what I will do. It is not a question of “if” I manage to do it. It can only ever be a question of “when” I figure out the method for resolving her issue. It is because my life depends on this. I have devoted myself to her, and only to her.

Out of those who will benefit from what I will accomplish, are those paralyzed in wheelchairs, or those who actually require a brain transplant for their life to be extended.

And, I’m sure once I do manage to accomplish what I aim to do, I’ll receive some kind of reward. However, I’ve never lived for the reward or the prize. I’ve lived solely for the devotion, ever since knowing this woman. She has been my inspiration, my challenge, among everything else.

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