Brainstorm #2 – “The Disregard of Science to the Mind” – Philosophy – 12/31/2020

“Were it not for human imperfection, put forth by human stupidity, we’d not have the science able to mark its trail of progress in the soil before us.”

– Modern Romanticism

Knowledge is acquired through human idiocy. Human error is what grants the achievement, out of correction through invention. Though, through invention, there is no more human responsibility. It is ambition that makes the scientist wish to cure the physical fault, though it is human responsibility that prevents it. How would science correct anything, if there was no human to commit their sheer number of errors? How would anything be understood, if a scientist was not a human able to comprehend what an imperfection is?

The more imperfections we have, or the more that are discovered, the more science aims to correct them through what is deemed as the “beneficial”. Though, out of love, comes responsibility. And, out of science, comes Democracy and choice. Though, when it comes to Democracy and choice, there is no unity birthed from it. When it comes to science, or Democracy, or choice, there is only division, due to that these things are what require a divisiveness so that their response to it is necessary. When it comes to love, however, there is the genuine and non-deceptive heart that shows a path for a person to follow, and does not do the work for them.

When it comes to work, it comes to showing a person how a goal can be accomplished. It comes to leading a person by example, not by force. Though, when it comes to a nation whose government “takes care” of the populace, there is the work done for the individual, as there are only tax payers. Their work is not heeded, when half of their income goes straight to the government. Therefore, it is work that is not encouraged for the individual’s effort, though more for the “care” and deception that is needed to keep dependency upon Democracy and choice. This is due to that Democracy and choice are against what love stands for, being of something without choice, without division for the sake of dependency upon deception for what is said to “care” for individuals. For when we are here to be responsible, we are not given a choice. Though, when we are not responsible, we are dependent on something meant to instantly correct. It is because responsibility requires a true education, being of something that requires time, not an instant.

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