BrainStorm #3 – “The DisRegard of Science to the Mind” – Philosophy – 12/31/2020

“To the instant, versus the infinite, one should immediately comprehend the difference between the body and the mind.”

– Modern Romanticism

For what is understood, instantly, is the body. It possesses flaws that we can easily say are “unique” to ourselves, though only because we never worked towards the correction of them. Out of work, comes what we were shown to do, to be responsible for what we have errored of ourselves. Of what we can learn from being responsible, is not for the instantaneous gratification that comes from addiction to external treatments upon those flaws. We are never instantly gratified, when we commit to learning from our mistakes. Such requires time, due to that discipline for upkeeping one’s necessity to not error in the same instance, again, cannot come at an instant as would selfish gratification come to us.

As it is, self-love possesses no meaning, soon when we realize our objective errors, such as a smoking habit, cannot be corrected when we have seen no examples of how to halt it. If a person has no direction, then they have no examples to be witnessed for which they may be able to quit what decays them. That is, they have no other person to show them the path, nor to be revealed the examples for how to “move on” past what keeps them stilled. This would make love be the thing administered from another person, due to that one’s loneliness in their fault makes blinded in the dark. In the dark, they are unable to move past what keeps them lost. What forged the direction before us, if we have seen no examples of how to do so? How can we forge the direction, ourselves, if again, we’ve seen no examples of how to do so?

Science comprehends what can be treated, in an instant. Science does not comprehend the mind, for that is something unable to be treated in an instant. If knowledge is what requires time to be understood of it, then it is not to the mind that science ever benefits. It is always to the body, of its endless flaws, that science will constantly treat, all the while discovering more to be corrected, for the instant that they are. Though, always to what is endless, makes of it something here for the infinite choices there to correct flaws by selections being consumed. It is to science that causes consumerism to be birthed of its distorted form. For to each thing that is indeed distorted, is never for what can be perfected.

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