Philosophy – “How Racism becomes Enforced through the Subject of Race” – 1/19/2021

“Race is no subject, other than being similar to speaking of the two slices of bread, instead of the individual ingredients that compose the sandwich.”

– Modern Romanticism

Racism can vanish on its own. All we simply need to do is quit the subject of race, altogether. It is a subject that, through its continual utterance, makes only note of what occurs on the outside of a human being. For when we focus on the race of a person, we do not focus on people. If we were to even attempt to understand the latter, we’d never express the rage being the emotion so close to prejudice. As we feel rage, we feel fear. As we feel fear, we block others from attempting to understand us. If we were to understand people, we’d find no need to understand the two slices of bread that hide the many details within.

For we are not at all human when we cannot come close to devouring that information, that truth, when all we do is hover upon the outside. When we stay upon the outside, remain speaking of race as though it’s a better subject over people, we are simply hesitant. We are not in consideration of whether it’s best to approach them, for that would be wisdom. We are, in fact, fearful of the idea to ever know them. To perhaps forgive them on whatever we believe they are errored on? It would be a step closer than usual, that makes a person hungry for truth. If we are starved of truth, then we remain alone, burning through our rage the most valued thing we can share to another human. And, that is, our vulnerability.

To continue to speak of race is to speak of solid colors, just like speaking of a covering to inner details. These are solid colors that represent no true “diversity” of ourselves. We are only ever diverse by what we can create, from within ourselves. We are not diverse by how we are divided among those separate colors.

We can show what is within, to paint the art with our tears, our vulnerability, among all things we hid beneath our rage and fear for others. We can show the internal, to never again speak of the external. For even when we stay prideful for ourselves for who we are, we should instead be prideful for what we can do, by the actual and objective bravery that would bring about the ultimate painting. It is the painting of all colors, as such artworks go.

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