Quote – “Why Life is not a Gift” – 2/2/2021

“To compare life to a gift is to also believe it was never earned. One earns their life, not their heartbeat. As in, one earns where one can be, as one knows that their family is also not a gift, though of something they must protect. Do we protect life? If so, then our family must be the preciousness of what we’ve supported. We do not support gifts, as they can sustain themselves. We do, in fact, support what we’ve earned, through the gift of love that can sustain it.

As an adult, were we given our family, or did we raise our family? As a child, and while we were raised, could we give love to our parents, even if they could only care for us? Parents must therefore be loved, only when we can support them.

As children, we do not comprehend the meaning behind ‘appreciation’ for what is given to us, so a child cannot understand how to give love. As adults, we more-so comprehend how to give love, out of the memories in what was given to us, from who raised and supported us.”

– Modern Romanticism

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