Psychology – “Why there is no Such Thing as Conditional Love” – 2/2/2021

“If conditional love refers to love with boundaries, then conditional trust should simply be boundaries.”

– Modern Romanticism

The most sensitive of subjects for which is meant to reflect an individual’s greatest of weaknesses, is not love, though trust. Trust relates directly to all we fear, up to who we are sexually intimate with. For to ask a person who they can trust, is the same as asking who they’ve ever had sexual intercourse with. Such questions are deeply rooted in “what is personal” of that individual, as those questions will most always be received with not an answer, though another question. As in, the reception might be, “Why would you ask me that?” to translate to, “What do you plan on doing with that information?”

No one can love a person more than another. That is an impossibility for humans to consider. We confuse such terms, as “love” with “trust”, through an example of stating the two words together, “Unconditional love”. There is no such thing as either conditional or unconditional love. It simply makes no sense to have either two words together with “love”. In fact, it would make more sense to freely be unconditional about love, though that is the same as to simply love.

If we set conditions, then it is about trust. We always trust, with conditions, especially out of the reason of not trusting completely. Out of love, we can give it, of its entirety. It is simply due to that love is not an emotion, though is simply king above all. It is a force that does not resemble emotions, because its perfection is not among whatever makes us imperfect. If emotions make us imperfect, cause us to make mistakes, then love cannot be the same. It is instead out of who we trust, that we take risks, and learn from our made mistakes.

Trust allows us to take a risk, to not bar ourselves among those conditions within something called a “comfort zone”. Out of trust, not love, we impose fear upon ourselves. We allow those enclosed walls for which have tightened us to a small realm, to break. Then, we build new walls.

Fear is necessary to feel for what we do not understand of something so unknown, in contrast from what we do know. Then, it is never about love towards who or what is unknown, though to the trust for either its threat upon us or its peaceful and controlled self.

Once again, we cannot love anyone than we do, upon one person or another. We can, however, place conditions in where we hold such trust, out of both regard for past experience, and regard for future survival.

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