Philosophy – “The Effect of Words” – 2/17/2021

“A simple reminder to what we already realize of ourselves, are the effects of words. All what we ignore, is what words remind. All that we run from, are those memories that can be captured back through words.”

– Modern Romanticism

Here be a world that places more predicament on words, than actions. Though, in such a world, do people consider the definition of “proof”?

Not to words, though to actions, is where proof is aligned. And, it is to words that remind us of those actions. It is then, that words show no proof for the guilt of a person. Out of evidence, we can say that a person committed crime. This would prove guilt. Though, if admittance, born from words, is the outcome, then there is a different form of guilt.

Humans remind themselves, of acts, through memories. Humans remind themselves, when the guilt become too far weighted on their shoulders, to ever be countered with equal to greater strength.

Though, it is not of proof that even through admittance, a person is then held accountable. For to many who witness the words of admittance, would not be believable. This is where the importance of evidence becomes aligned, to retell the tale of the action.

Words do not prove. They can, however, deceive many into believing otherwise. Actions would always suffice for proof’s sake, to hold forth the evidence, to say it is a “piece of what happened”. How then, can words be the fault of any person, if they do not prove anything? Words, themselves, do not give over the tale. Only to the person, themselves, can they be reminded, through personal guilt, of what transpired of their actions. We do not doubt anything of this world, of ourselves, except for what we must do, in the necessity to atone for such actions. This atonement is simply in the necessity to replace self-punishment with something far more merciful.

It is to say again that whoever believes a word is the fault of a person, will never possess proof for crime. Words, themselves, cannot replace evidence, anymore in the same sense that cruel actions will be bettered by heightened intelligence of the individual. For if we believe that words can indeed replace evidence, then we will continue crime. This is due to a mindset that would surge, through the negligence of intelligence, that through its awareness, can better future actions. More awareness for the individual would indeed replace any committed wrongs. That replacement is the atonement, of replacing punishment with forgiveness.

A memory is still embedded in a person’s conscious awareness, to what only they had seen, with their eyes. This is to say that we cannot force a person into a state of personal guilt. They must see that, themselves. They must see within themselves, to listen to the echoes that many a Psychiatrist would say are merely “auditory hallucinations”. It takes much courage, to not run, anymore.

Any person’s necessity to be responsible for their crime, is wholly personal. It is completely personal, by how this is not a display of loving the self, though by a person trusting themselves. In the act of self-trust, a person no longer doubts they can become better. And, through greater awareness of the future, a person betters their outcomes, through the responsibility of placing control upon their decisions.

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