Poem – “In the Storm, I Wade” – Romanticism – 2/17/2021

Yet drowning
In the sparkle of your eyes,
Holding wounds open,
So wild, firm in bleeding
My aura to you,
Hoping your heart beats

To the same rhythm
As these footsteps to the future.

Further, I wade
To hold you, in sweeping arms,

Never to scorn you
From lips, made to burn
Upon your mouth.

Hush, my love,
For the fever
Has only woken you

From the moon,
From its smile, to this night.

Sleep, love,
In arms that have kept you,
Breathing winds over your neck
To let the strands
Of chestnut
Whirl with your freedom,
Bathe with this embrace,

To live among the sculptures
Of Spring.

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