Philosophy – “Why ‘Saving the Planet’ is not Selfless” – 2/18/2021

“The one who caused the problem out of selfish means, can never be equal to the one who resolves the matter towards a selfless end.”

– Modern Romanticism

This issue of climate change is an example for how humans believe themselves more dominant, than even Nature. What is worse, is that we believe we can aid Nature, when it is the opposite. We came from the earth, though we believe we can save where we were born. This is not true, when it is the case that we are saving ourselves.

We are saving ourselves from what we have caused. To believe we can resolve this, is same to have convinced ourselves we are not victims. Then, we will next believe we have the control. That is typical human arrogance.

It is merely the convenience of rubbing away guilt, just as a celebrity might defuse the shame they’ve received by the public, by apologizing or becoming an activist. It is the deception of believing oneself as selfless. One lies to others, rather than facing that guilt. As people believe they can replace a fault, with redemption, is a deceptive tactic of selflessness, by ignoring the reality that they are saving their own skin. In the same act as saving the planet, we are, instead, keeping ourselves intact.

As an example, were a war criminal who perhaps has committed dozens of needless executions in the past, begin donating funds to an orphanage, is only ever in the attempt to appear selfless. Just as a person believes they can save the planet, rather than themselves, they hold the thought that guilt can be wiped clean, since they fear being consumed by it.

A human will believe they can do right by saving the forest, or a group of whales. Yet, that is the same as saving ourselves. By a person believing they are doing right, when they have done wrong in the past and the current, is the continual repression of guilt. We are not saving the forest, nor the whales. We are saving ourselves from guilt.

Just as Hitler could perhaps repress his own guilt for what he had done, is the same way any human would rather continue to believe they are selfless, when they simply do not want to be overtaken by their mind. Humans want control.

It is a mere deception to believe we are saving something else, besides ourselves, when we have caused the ongoing problem. The problem of Climate Change, is one we have caused. Though, to believe we can fix that, while in the same usage of words, place a focus on saving something external, is deception, itself. It is a lie to believe we are saving anything other than ourselves, when the repetition or cycle of fault to guilt, cannot be stopped. Unless we admit to the fact that “saving the planet” is indeed a selfish endeavor, then we will simply yearn for more control. And, we will never learn to control ourselves.

A lie is itself, upon the lips of those who hold this ideal that human outcomes can change. They end up with consequences, for there is no such thing as a perfect decision. Only when we feel as though there is no choice, can we do what is perfectly right. However, of decisions where there are multiple options, questions will be offered for the selection. When there is only one choice, there is no choice.

Humans cannot shape anything for the future, when they cannot admit to what they are doing. It is always in denial, that we ignore. And, we ignore what does not change, being of that repeated cycle from fault to guilt.

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