Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “When we Ban the Gun, we Ban the Camera…” – Political Philosophy – 12/5/2019

December 5, 2019

Can the average idiotic mind understand something so simple, as these two differences?

To capture, or to kill?



The mind captures, through memory.

The gun shoots, to cut off life for the body.

Through the device, called a camera, there is to be scarring upon the mind. Every memory of the mind, will be faced towards only the most pleasant, while the most unpleasant will become “buried truths”.

Can the average idiotic mind understand this?

The gun represents honesty. That is all. There is nothing greater than an honest death, an honest end, to something.

However, a camera will raise some things, while it will bury others.

Ban the camera.

Ban the camera, and the whole of Hollywood, the Pornography industry, every photographer worldwide, every media platform, every Journalist, becomes bankrupt of reputation and status…

Ban the camera, as well as the gun, and we understand both sides to any story.


Words of Wisdom – “Encouragement, as the Ingredient for Suicide” – Philosophy on Life – 11/13/2019

November 13, 2019

“We are alive, as humans. And, we are praised, when dead, for each memory that thrives as an achievement, for that now-dead life. We do not remember a death by how it failed, but for how it succeeded, nor should we infinitely encourage a life to raise itself, before it has died. Encouragement, upon a person, will be expected as infinite, alike the infinite praise thrown upon a death of another person. We would be cowards should we choose to berate the dead. And, we will behave like God has no existence, that His creations cannot die, because they are infinitely raised or praised. For is it not an artist whose creations are always praised, once the artist, being God, has died, believed to no longer exist? Upon the death of a person, not their creator, there is no choice but to praise even the smallest and seemingly most insignificant memory that we will treasure. It is to be said, now, that a person will end their own reign, should praise in their life be all they know. That’s to say that literal suicide is more likely for someone who is praised, over someone who is doubted.

Is it too much to perhaps consider, that without authority, we are nothing more than ‘dead creations’, praised enough to reject outward judgement, though we are but walking corpses?

Words of Wisdom – “On Why Empathy is Personal, and Never Widespread” – Political Philosophy – 11/11/2019

November 11, 2019

“Any government that promotes love is a government that will never comprehend anyone’s pain. It is pain that is the comprehension, and yet, the politician upon his tower, sees one as the rest. He will not take into his arms, the individual someone, and understand their story. Empathy is personal sight, upon personal pain, for love to be given, personally. And no politician has ever been the Saint to do this.

Even Christ named his disciples, his closest followers, and remembered their tears, their sorrow, their pain. Had a politician ever had close friends? Perhaps. Though, it is always the matter of ‘like attracting like’ that causes platonic relationships to form.

Rather, it is ‘sympathy’ that such governments promote, to state that Individualism matters for nothing, to state that each person desires the same needs.

Demands are indeed exceptional, when they are not met by the voice of the needy, though by what corruption voices.”

Words of Wisdom – “A Right, versus a Power” – Political Philosophy – 11/10/2019

November 10, 2019

“There’s a difference here, as it should be infinitely stated, that to have a ‘right’ to do something, is more likening to having a ‘power’ to do something. What do we call rights, in the real world? We name them privileges. People protect rights for one reason: they believe them to be endangered, thus noting the fact that such ‘rights’ are always temporary. Just like life, we protect it, we preserve it, and like an endangered animal, we put such species in protection, so they don’t become erased from existence. Therefore, to have a ‘power’ would mean for one group to try and control another group. This is named to be ‘tribal warfare’, and for millennium, each new ‘superpower’ has always thought itself to be better than another ‘superpower’. We are merely humans, who look for a fight, looking for a crack to ooze through, so that we may see another side’s territory.

A ‘right’ becomes temporary, when it is superseded by a power. Therefore, there are no rights, only powers.”

Words of Wisdom – “On Health and Education” – Political Philosophy – 11/8/2019

November 8, 2019

“The very association of the word ‘free’ with health, is ignoring the fact that ‘health’ will always come with a price, and that price need not be currency. In a Socialist case, ‘free’ and ‘health’ seems unlike an oxymoron, though in fact, it is, when we consider that to be ‘healthy’ would refer itself to life. Life, itself, is a thing of great consequences. How can health, which relates to life, to the preservation of life, at all be freed of consequence? Such would not make it ‘free’. And, on education, when does the wise man or woman not ever suffer for what they’ve seen? Such suffering upon the mind, could be a detriment to one’s health, and thus, we have ‘free education’ being a negative counter to the notion of ‘free education’. To be ‘educated’ would have to mean, in any other definition, to learn the books, and only this, and never to apply one’s individualism to the task of learning a subject.

‘Health’ and ‘education’ are matters of price, for to lose one’s mind in the latter, is most certainly alike losing a kidney for the former.

Is this an argument with semantics? No; it is merely a statement that should remind those of the things consisting themselves within life. That, life holds the breath of consequence, and the mind suffers for it.

We are not healthy when we lose, nor are we educated when we gain.

We lose a kidney, and there is now a price to that. We gain wisdom, and there is now a price to that.”