Psychology – “Why only Positive Emotions Generates Creative Energy” – 2/18/2021

“Depression is not a cue for productivity. Nor is grief the cue for a need to neglect the immediate sensations. We discover something so pure, as the positive emotions, only when everything we currently feel can be converted over to inspiration.”

– Modern Romanticism

If research tells us that both positive and negative emotions can generate creative energies, then all should immediately go to believe this as a wrong.

What depressed person wants to be productive, or to be therapeutic with their creativity? While the mind is consumed by those negative emotions, we do not even press one button on the keyboard. We have no energy even for that, nor to simply motion ourselves to the seat. Because, there are those who experience troubles, enough to douse them in those depressive thoughts. They linger and dwell among them, much so that there’s hardly enough movement without another to keep them somewhat less restricted.

How can depression, which limits the person to smallness, ever drive them on with the inspiration that gives them the desire to live, for as long as possible? If negative emotions can, at all, offer us the creative energies enough to be productive, so that a day does not become wasted, then it will not. We move, through being creative. For to create, is to make movement, through the inspiration that allows us to design.

It is to next say that all energies, enough to be creative, must be positive. That means the depressed person must be able to convert sadness to inspiration. Then, there is only the hope that directly relates to what life represents. It is a repetition. Of repeated motions that only become truly tired, when we must rest for eternal time, upon death.

It has to be a conversion. To change or transfigure negative emotions to being positive, as other buried positivity becomes lifted and aware to the person, there is the inspiration that generates pure creativity.

We have no desire to be creative, to be productive, when depression has siphoned us of all energy.

How can “research” believe that negative emotions can generative creative energies, when it is always inspiration that keeps the movement within life, to be productive?

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