Philosophy – “Why Anti-Racism Encourages Division” – 2/22/2021

“Rejection is just one representation of division, out of either a disregard for how a person appears upon the surface, or by some remembrance to past experience. To reject, out of valid reason, would not be the ignorance between two people who reject each other for none. Out of no reason, that is, people reject out of ignorance. Though, with hatred, people reject each other with good reason involved.”

– Modern Romanticism

To be “anti”, to a person’s mind, references avoidance. Though, how does a person “avoid racism”, if not, at the same time, avoid people? In racism, there is avoidance, in and of itself. That is, one cannot be “anti-racist” without ignoring the fact that racism refers to an absence. Depression can be spoken of, as an example between this divide of valid and invalid reason for one’s avoidance. It is a feeling being felt due a loss or what never was. Out of hatred, there is now a valid avoidance. Though out of ignorance, there is an invalid avoidance.

Does a person, who hates another, have a valid reason for their avoidance to them? They do, by how such avoidance signifies their need to “move on” from the past experience. However, does a person who simply does not know another, though expresses prejudice to them, have a valid reason for their avoidance to them? They do not, due to how their ignorance has made them willing to look only upon the surface. It is, by this example, why the term “avoidance”, by way of racism or any form of prejudice, has to do with having no reason to have knowledge of another person. We are racist or just prejudiced, because we have no reason to do so. Though, were we to have a reason for our avoidance, out of legitimate hatred, then we can be excused from any accusation of supposed prejudices.

Hatred or prejudice is indeed related to the example of depression. This inner sadness is only ever brought about by one of two ways: either in what was lost, or what has never been. It is either an active or a passive feeling. We will feel we have a reason for it, or not one at all.

By how we feel we’ve no reason for either our prejudices or our depression, it is because we avoid out of being passive to another person.

Then, to be “anti-racist” is to encourage this avoidance, in being exposed to only ourselves or those of our kind. It becomes a narcissistic mindset, where the reflections we view are never that of newness, in terms of knowledge. We stay with what we know, being confined out of our reluctance to discover more. For if we did discover more, we’d not see difference, though sameness.

By how we are prejudiced, we simply have no reason for it. Same with ignorance, where is just no reason to be so. Same with depression, where it can be felt without any clue to its origin. Among all these things, we have avoided. We have avoided, because we cannot find an excuse for it.

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