Philosophy – “Why Death is Meaningless, though Life is not” – 3/6/2021

“All lives are built upon Earth, or the place where others fell, or the place where others bled, or the place where others died.”

– Modern Romanticism

As death should be understood, it is what gives life meaning.

People look to life, on its own, as though there can be meaning of each beating heart, or among the movement to each person.

Though, familiar life, being of recognizable signs as the beating heart or the moving limbs, has no meaning without understanding stillness. Of death, being understood of what stillness represents, holds us to find appreciation for the opposite.

Do the dead cry? Do the dead remember? They do not. Therefore, it is up to life to remembering the living. Or, among the dead, it is up to life to remember a deceased individual for how they lived, not by how they died.

We do not remember failure. The living forgives failure, soon when the life has died. As in, we could only ever view the dead monster, for how much we despised them in life, with compassionate eyes. We are compassionate toward the vulnerability either of what could easily die, or of what is already dead.

It is therefore not love that dies, though life. And, it is love that is opposite from death, not life. That is because love protects life, from death. Though, upon death, life remembers the moments spent, and then cries over the sheer memory towards what is now absent.

We cannot relive those moments for their absence. Though, we can indeed remember. We can remember what cannot be relived through anyone else.

As death gives meaning to life, we are alive out of those who loved us, who were willing to die for our sake. Those who died, among each person no longer alive, are of a sameness. Though, in how we are alive, that is what represents meaning. It is the meaning that represents our gratitude for the necessity of death. That is, we are only ever grateful to be alive, because of our ability to stand. And, it is always that we stand through the support of those who died. That support, of course, represents the earth we stand upon.

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