Philosophy – “Why Rights are the Same as Privileges” – 3/16/2021

“Treat that which is meant to be temporary as meant to be permanent, then one has merely offered their life upon a silver platter directly to their executioner. As life is temporary, then death will be permanent.”

– Modern Romanticism

All things so precious to the individual, are there to be treated as temporary. If we did not believe these precious things to be limited in their time, we’d never compare everything that is temporary or meant to die upon a certain time, to life.

If life is not precious, then what is? This is to ask of what is precious, if not the most temporary of things. Is it not our love that protects the most temporary and vulnerable, enough to be strayed from death as long as possible? We comprehend that death is inevitable for a life. If so, then we should also see that love defies death, wishes the protected life to remain.

Of everything temporary in our lives, treated as precious, meant to be protected, are all things so similar to a privilege. It is to say that we are not gifted our lives. Instead, we are privileged to be alive. It is our love that can be gifted to a life, to show it is more than just another number upon this earth.

We have no “right” to live. We have a privilege for it, meaning that no right within this world is permanent. If it is ever believed to be the case that a right should be permanent, then we’d never find it in our hearts to protect them from vanishing. This is the same thing to mean that if we ever vainly believe a person, whom we care about, won’t die because of perhaps a smoking habit, we’d never find it in our hearts to protect them from it. As in, we’d be heartless.

A right is only ever “permanent” enough, so long as it is protected. Though, who does the protecting? It should be the right-wielder. It should be the one who can understand that what is precious to them can disappear, at any moment. That would be anyone, for all people can understand such a thing.

Love protects, as it protects life from death. All things that are vulnerable require this love so that the inevitable, being of death, is prolonged. We hope. We conquer the weaknesses of ourselves or another, to allow strength to flow. We are blessed by love, not by life. However, we are blessed to be alive, because love has allowed that.

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