“What Defines Achievement?” – Excerpt from “The Origin of Prejudice” – 4/7/2021

“History is a repetition of what was concealed by the bandage to the wound, in the direct push of past errors to keep the future uncertain.”

– Modern Romanticism

Individualism can only be characterized as current stature. Stature is the recognition of one’s current place in the world that takes not to the collective’s self-comprehension, among what defines achievement. No individual achieves within the collective, due to that example must be shown so that repetition, through words, does not deceive a person’s comprehension of reality. Words do not express reality. Since that is the case, it is the acts of a person, led through by example, that reveals the definition of achievement. A collection would merely be the intrusion upon individualism, just as the past is meant to be offered forgiveness.

History repeats itself only in what is displayed as words. Words are repeated, because the actions that would make such dreams as realism have never been achieved. By the definition of achievement, only ever brought about by action, makes all manner of words, no matter how splendid, only the seduction or the deception. An explanation, however, would not be a deception, since any disclosure has already had prior action for the words to elaborate upon. For words to elaborate upon words, is a repetition. Then, it is true that an action to repeat a former one is the mere pointlessness of stupidity. The latter, of repeated actions that have always failed, is a showcase of a lack of learning.

It is not to say that achievement should forfeit itself at the single failure. However, to attempt the same method, in repetition, evokes a lack of learning for the individual. These individuals are soon placed with the collective of failures who’ve neglected to comprehend the definition of achievement. As it is not to achieve by the collective, though only through the individual, it is then to define failure as what repeats itself by words, alone. It is appropriate to state that an action cannot be truly repeated, without the words speaking louder. When words are speaking louder, it becomes the deception for the listener.

By this understanding of repetition, embraced in the delusion and deceptions of the collective, achievement cannot recognize itself without reality. What is real, besides being of what cannot repeat, due to our certainty of the past that has already been forgiven?

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