Philosophy – “Why a Selfless Politician is a Selfish Politician” – 4/10/2021

“If the current and contemporary wisdom still stands, that before one does good for others, one must do good for themselves, then no past, present, nor future politician had, has, or will comply.”

– Modern Romanticism

The politician is the seducer.

There is no bias in the statement that if such sorts were truthful, they’d never tempt ourselves.

Truth is not tempting to ordinary eyes. Truth is wicked and heinous, and it keeps eyes away. Selflessness in politics is a deception for which stands upon the creativity that negatively impacts truth.

It is a politician’s task to write a speech of creative non-fiction.

It is truth that is told. Whereas, it is fiction that is shown.

Among the writer’s task to be creative, they’ll involve imagination. They will not speak of the truth, if they can be creative with it. Creativity distorts the truth. Creative shows the truth, rather than telling it in plainness. As honesty does not hide itself, then the leader who can tell truth will always be highlighted by resentful eyes.

Humans will not hate lies. We will hate truth.

Truth drags us out of the comfort zone. For someone to break free from such a “comfort zone”, it involves merely broadening it. Our comfort zones become larger, when we are able to break apart from it. It is then merely the idea of having knowledge, rather than to the comfort zone where we are consoled by lies.

To be selfless would involve honesty. To be selfless would involve loyalty to what one knows first. To be selfless would involve having more a grasp on realism, rather than idealism.

To despise the leader, means to despise the truth. To despise the leader for their lies has no meaning. Among those who have rebelled against leadership for their tyrannical ways, have always been those to reject truth. Truth has no positive inclination to it. Truth is innately neutral, as people will make of it what they will. However, it is even among the tyrant who ends the lives of his opposition, who expresses honesty.

If to be selfless would involve the honest self, then to the act of a leader’s destruction upon opposition, there is a mote of selflessness. There is extreme loyalty. However, there is no loyalty to everyone, which becomes the tyrant’s downfall.

It is then among the selfishness to a politician who is the one who merely shows truth. They are the cowards who do not portray leadership, by its objective standards. They believe leadership is better suited with deception. This is because they’ll believe that deception keeps a population calm, and if the truth is not in people’s ears to be critically thought upon, there will be no rebellion.

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