Poem – “Awaiting your Smile” – Love Poetry – 4/10/2021

Piling higher
Than any curve in the wind.
Here, the sun draws radiance
To love’s holy entrance
Of purity’s flower, once scattered
Of a life, once unlived
From one love, yet to give.

As all the streams come clashing
With the fire of a moment
With beauty so dashing
Among the droplets, come splashing.
Here, and only here,
Wild eyes are soft among the sighs
That accompany the multitude of heartbeats.

Her face, high upon the ivory tower,
Upon the neck, yet to have swim
The many kisses that will come
Crawling with swift motion.

Rose-tinted cheeks,
Fragrance that spells the air,
Muteness gambles on what to speak
For vivid womanhood, so fair
In the display of what shall be kept
For eternal eyes,
For a forever heart, to have wept.

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