Philosophy – “Why Society is Never to Blame” – 4/12/2021

“The collective organization is only ever aware of its individualized imperfections. In denial, however, the idea of ‘change’ comes to the mind of one who stands for collectivism by whatever is altered. It is the denial of what should be trusted. Through collective change, individualized imperfection is ignored for the sake of a perfected group.”

– Modern Romanticism

Even then, to be stronger when together, does not equal perfection. Perfection is not a discernable thing to human eyes. As humans perceive only for what they trust, comes either with the ease of it or its very hardship to wishing to break from stagnating comfort. It should then be said that we are imperfect, when together. So imperfect, because the station of togetherness remarks vulnerability.

Humans, when together, when in cooperation upon mutual issues, can form solutions through their vulnerability. It is then to say that we are not stronger when together, though weaker. We are necessarily weaker, so that when the collective breaks to form individualized persons, they are better able to comprehend their individuality.

Why should society be to blame, when it is always the individual who can be stubborn enough to never break within the collective?

If all the collective knows of is to be the army of brute force, then that is where individualism is rejected. Coming together, even as one, must mean to be more frail than ever.

Even in love, coming together ‘as one’ can result in a broken heart. One must consign themselves to the necessity of that brokenness, if never for the forfeit of such togetherness. It is around those whom we trust, where we are willing to break. We do not break those we trust. Instead, we willingly break ourselves, for the sake of our betterment. Individualized betterment, for that is how a person can better trust what is before themselves.