Philosophy – “Why Human Responsibility is the Enemy of Progress” – 11/11/2020

“No human could immediately correct themselves, without needing convenience. Whereas, no human could form wisdom, without an extended time in suffering.”

– Modern Romanticism

To think science would be needed, if there was a way for all humans to “grow up”, is the definition of ignorance. All humans, when errored or imperfect, displaying such in their actions, when observed by scientific eyes are granted as an idea for a correction. A correction. For to correct the error of a human, is progress. Is it “progress” to say that a human has been corrected of their error, through immediate convenience. We can also say that the human form, full of errors, is the definition to things so instantaneous, like lust, exiting as quick as it entered. As it is, all human bodies enter and leave this world like the flicker of lightning. To differ the body from the mind is to differ a “temporary” aspect from an “infinite” aspect.

We could not be errored beings, without our bodies. Not at all could we be understanding of our imperfections, of our flaws, without in the knowledge that such is seen in the mirror. Of our flesh, of what has been sculpted, perhaps to the detail of an amateurish artist. We can protect, out of love, though against what if we never interact, if we live alone?

Human interaction is the necessity to which a person finds error. Through observation, we see error, we criticize it, and then find a need to correct. Though, on the side of progress, wisdom is never for its sake. As in, wisdom does not heed progress’s wish. That is, for progress seeks correction of every imperfection, instantly. It is to the same example of a wound, needing its bleeding to quit. For when the act of pressure to the wound was performed, it was immediate in its desire, as quickly as the wound was observed to be severe.

Wisdom would tell a person to find a dutifulness in responsibility. Wisdom would tell a person to not commit the same fault, twice. Wisdom would tell a person that error is inevitable, and thus, should not be believed it can be extinguished, in absolution. It would be the case, upon two occasions: love or death, making either the time when we stop seeing errors, and consent to the outcome.

It is then that wisdom makes the human not needing progress, not needing science. For if all humans were wise, heeded the need to be responsible, no immediacy of science’s offered conveniences would be necessary. It is rather a petty revelation, to which science only exists to offer convenience, at the absence of wisdom, and the continued existence of human error. For the more errors that scientific eyes can notice, the more there is to correct. It would indeed take more time, to form wisdom. Though, to what science offers, makes time our greatest impatience, and the immediate moment making our greatest desire for a cure.

Virus Talk – “A Lockdown is not the Answer” – 11/8/2020

“What leader is such, when their goal is not upon the future, though upon the passing moments? Their aim, in that sense, would be to freeze everyone in place, so that the future receives more anxiety than does the moment.”

– Modern Romanticism

Whatever fool believes one should “live for the moment”, pertaining to a lockdown, that strips us of clear vision to the future, has sold their soul for a politician’s foresight.

“Living for the moment” is one of the most obsolete mindsets, of the current day. It is the same as possessing a limited attention span, being the exact implication towards destroyed marriages. For what we cannot pay attention to, being of objective importance over anything else, makes us lose what was best.

In this manner, we should pay attention to the future, for we might learn something of our mistakes, at present.

It is always a person who commits error, in the now, so that the future can become a better focus, with wisdom attached. We are not so certain of anything until we can foresee it. Yet, if a leader, playing the role of a “politician”, does not possess the foresight and clarity enough to comprehend the consequences of a certain mistake, then they have not been paying attention. It is as simple as that. Learn from the moment, so that one’s focus on the future is as clear as the next day.

But, a lockdown? What manner of idiot believes that for the sake of the “moment”, we should believe things can be beneficial? It is the same as stalling the development, stalling trust, and stalling clarity into what inevitably will take place. For when we focus solely on the short-term, the long-term becomes unclear. We are blinded to the future, making the travesties of the current time, become the future. It becomes the future, making all manner of sickness as eternal in its lasting.

To the true leader, allowing people their freedom, means to allow them to choose between life or death. If a pandemic is afoot, then what occurred to the idea of “The strongest will prevail”? If the world shows signs of its collapse, then why place more weight on it? If we are not moving, then we can only be pressed further into the ground, by standing on each other, “in the moment”.

Allow death to be the consequence of idiocy, while actual leadership comprehends what the future will bring.

Philosophy – “The Flaws of Abstract Art” – 11/3/2020

“Were humans be able to comprehend each other, with ease, we’d do so, through art.”

– Modern Romanticism

It is like grief, where we lose something we found to be more valuable than us, that such sadness becomes a universal understanding. We are not limited by our sadness, for tears are always infinite. The suicidal person may indeed exit this world, in the same way they entered it. Weeping. Yet, the joys of this world come with tears, too, only they are sweet.

From grief, to joys, to all manner of emotion, such universal aspects are not achieved with abstraction. The confusion that relates to a viewer of such abstract “art”, is not in relation to the universal truth of what Creation is meant to be. An understanding. Of ease, in that comprehension, makes up art. Why should we not be the ones to see perfection in the flaws? Yet, if abstract art is purified flaw, then there’s nothing universal of it. It is merely the confusion that sets us apart, through ignorance.

When a painting or a song allows us to feel, such rising emotions are what all can comprehend. To see a painting that might depict the loss of a child, will relate to any viewer who understands the “pain of loss”. The pain of loss, or the hopes that can also be shared through art, are not of abstraction. Again, “abstraction” is merely the depiction of division. Division, for that is not the connection that a universal understanding would bring.

Abstraction, while it defines itself as a “breaking” of rules and boundaries, is essentially just division. Though, the viewers are especially divided among their opinions, their voices, rather than through universally comprehending what the art reveals. For what it reveals, meant to be universal, is truth. Meant to inspire, for how are we not, when we look upon something that moves us? Stirs us, due to that such an artwork made us feel what we normally avoid?

Humans have a tendency to avoid such secrets, of themselves, as they begin to dream of them when it is dark. It is dark, as such dreams are the light that we, at first chose not to make as art during daytime. As such, we are meant to take what we see, in our subconscious, because that is the artist’s inspiration. Truth. It is because “truth” stands for what we can reveal, out of courage, so that a viewer, or listener, or reader may also understand what they’re avoiding of themselves.

Quote – “The Differences of Criticism” – 9/19/2020

“As hatred cannot be offered by use of words, then it falls to criticism to undertake speech made through use of intellect or idiocy. For when the former takes place, being of intellect, then it is the debate that stages the ground. When it is the latter taking place, being that of idiocy, there is no intellect, and there is merely the insult being hurled.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Why Love Never Dies” – 9/6/2020

“Not the love, but the trust, that quits its breath. For nothing hurts more of the ended romance, than knowing we still love them. Such means, that not love, but the trust, always dies. We love them, still remaining hurt, though our trust, our closeness, is now the parting. For as love dwells in the mind, as trust is for the body, then we cannot believe love will die, so long as memories remain.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The Idiot Lesser who does not Wish to Work” – 8/15/2020

“The foolish pauper will believe in deceiving words, upon the time they look to leadership to state they are loving. For no human can be God, as no human can be perfect. Imperfection of leadership states that the politician is just as foolish as the pauper.”

– Modern Romanticism

If before a bridge, then why not cross the gap to reach the end? Life is that bridge. The beginning is either one’s innocence or ignorance.

No fool, upon their journey out of misery, can claim their own nation’s leadership to stand for anything more than deception. For it is true, and factual, that if such a leadership is believed to ascend the lesser straight to the greater, foolishness is abound. No one lives, nor comprehends the work that life entails, when they skip it.

One lives, when they work to achieve that greatness. This is truth.

What person, so foolish, believes that leadership can ascend the lesser to being greater, without comprehending nothing of a human? In this scenario, it is the same as Heaven raising the dead, raising those lesser in the ground, to ascension. To believe that a human can do this, makes one believe in the words of deception. For deceit plays soft notes and rubs softly the earlobes of any person.

If one is lesser, one should work, to be middling. If one is middling, one should be ambitious, to be greater. This is truth.

How often does a person believe that God does not exist, though believes that up in a skyscraper, a human can lower a ladder to ascend a pauper? How often is it the case that a human is never ascended, though taken advantage of, for greater power towards those who have achieved it?

Idiots run the world, when those same fools were once paupers.

When paupers rule the world, all they know is to consume, to deprive everything out of life, and to chew the world to dust.

A living human looks below, and sees a pauper. A living human looks above, and eithers sees what they shouldn’t see, being God, or what they regret ever seeing, being the greedy human.

It is not that paupers are the hungry ones, so much as it is the rich man, once pauper, who is the greediest.

Philosophy – “A Concept on Love, Fear, and Hatred” – 7/31/2020

“Fear is the solitude of a human, in their attempt to dig into themselves to find what they either loathe or can accept. Though, what person in their total solitude has accepted what they despise, be that a wound that must close?”

– Modern Romanticism
  • A person in love, feels everything.
  • A person who feels fear, feels themselves.
  • A person who is hateful, does not feel. They merely act.

Love is proven of a person, trusted to never despise and not accept what is strange of another individual. For if love is to the character of that person’s heart, they will not ever create the distance, if they are capable of trust. Trust is the factor of a person, who will love, able to care for the fragile areas of another, wanting of it. In fear, a person is broken, feels their wounds, desiring their bodies to be closed of them. Though, in their fear, they feel themselves being closed from the world, as they become the void that weighs them in a burden.

No person, who is in love, can hate without a loss of trust. In fear, a person is fragile and weak. When they find love, they find strength. In the discovery of love, they have found what was missing in their life. What has been missing is what will make them complete. For that void could only be filled by love. A person who is encouraged to “discover that void”, has been told to find more things to fear, as those kept things will be held onto, with a yearning to never see them lost. In that, a person within such fear, becomes enclosed, as this solitary emotion always allows.

The hateful individual cannot feel anything. For that is because the hateful individual once felt it all, of love, to then cause themselves to feel nothing. The one truly hateful, as this state of mind comes rare, is not something ever wanted. In hate, a person does not recognize themselves, nor are recognized by anyone else, for they have become a different person. Hatred consumes the individual. For in its acts, they are feared by all others.

The one with true hate in their heart, has to have felt love, without any stains. They were blind in their innocence, cared for, and felt such love thinking it to never disappear. For in love, a person holds on. In love, a person needs for nothing else. To want for something else, other than love, is to be materialistic. In all hatred, there is discontent. In all discontent, there is the materialism wanted. In all fear from individuals who rebel against the one who acts out of hatred, there is downfall. In all downfall, there is remorse from the person who was destroyed by those they’ve personally rejected and resented.

The loving one, feels everything. The fearful one, feels themselves. The hateful one, does not feel, though they’ll act out of psychopathy.

Quote – “A Consumer, the Liar” – 7/29/2020

“All intricacies to a lie, were birthed from the easy consumption of one. For truth is never swallowed whole, as the serpent would do. Truth is bitten, piece by piece, harder to swallow, harder to digest. For if truth were a pill, it would be a lie.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “To Debunk the Collective” – 7/24/2020

“Love is the emotion intended to create wholeness (oneness) from the collective. A collective, in such a sense, is only a mere fragmented whole, being of beauty or life. Hatred would look upon the collective, and keep it as is, for it would know it to be weak.

If the Communist sides with the collective, of their regime, it is they who will resent the individual, enough to prevent the building of a whole. They’d do so, in deconstructing a population’s morale, their homes, their livelihood, in the division of wealth. A collective is the division. A collective is not a whole. An individual is a whole. An individual is the single bullet meant to destroy the regime that manipulates the pieces, being the collective.

Why would the individual fight the seeds, when it can cut the stem? Why would a Communist fight the stem when it can cut the roots?

Fear is thus the foundation to life. Beauty is a collective, broken, until love makes it whole, being from the individual.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “An Example to why Love Dominates Lust” – 7/19/2020

“If one can comprehend with ease, that the mind controls the human form of arms and legs, like a puppeteer controlling their puppet, then it should be easily comprehended that love controls lust. By that meaning, it is the mind being of love, that dominates the form being of lust. Love dominates lust, by the mind using what is always the tool. Though, in that, it is to say that the mind will protect the form, by controlling it to never perform the unwise decision. By the mind or love, dominating the body or lust, is to state that what loves protects what is weak. For the body is like lightning, to be gone, in an instant, at the stupid mind that controlled the obedient form. As the mind leads the form, it is always love that should lead the headless sheep in the herd.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Importance for Personal Responsibility” – 7/18/2020

“The responsibility that equates to the individual, being of what they know best, might be their act of dismantling and destroying the rest of the globe, if that individual responsibility is lacking. To speak on the collective as though it is more important than the individual, is cynical enough to never believe that the individual, for what they know best, would not spread their individual irresponsibility to the collective and create the further problem. It is to state the collective would suffer, meet its downfall, when that individual’s irresponsibility has further damaged the walls around them, in everything they can deconstruct by their ignorance.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Sophia against Sophia: Discovery versus an Absence of Choice” – 7/18/2020

What makes the woman feel empowered? In the two eyes of mine, and only the two eyes of mine, I have observed it to be somewhat natural for a woman to be interested in vastness. Vastness of choice, and never a submission to limitation. She is interested in what causes her horizons to expand, and her choices to be upon the numerable. She is not interested in being limited, for she possesses wings. It is that a woman yearns for freedom, craves it like the wind in her long hair, and can sometimes starve herself to it upon the time she exits out of love. Memories are to a woman, the entrapment of her from experiencing a more.

Yet, why has no one seemingly considered, in recent years, that a woman’s “desire to discover” is based around herself? To a world, she is the most “edible being”. By that, she is given many seeds, many sprouts from her womb. As she represents life, she can represent what is starved of life. For the infant to the child will display widened, curious eyes. It is to say that little things are immensely curious of the larger in physical size. A woman, in that sense, is interested in a man’s power, not in her own.

Does a woman, in such a sense, even possess power of her own, if all she is interested in, is what a man can do? Of everything small in physical size, will become interested in the large in physical size. For a man will display acts of chivalry when he can, so that her intellect is preserved. To think of it in this fashion, that a man of larger physical form, might protect a woman of smaller physical form. It is that he innately comprehends her smaller physical form to mean that she possesses a greater intellect than his own. For a man innately comprehends that she is much better than he, in that she will not be as brutal. For a large physical size, in the department of animals, means dominance. Though, of shadows, and only of shadows, is the physical size apparent. Physical size creates shadows, and it is why a man has been termed a giant. To a woman, being small in size, must mean that to a man, she is his light. A true light, as more than any sincere compliment, refers her to him as a truer savior than any act of himself to protect her from physical danger with his size.

The small in physical size, has much for intellect. The small in intellect, has much in physical size. There is no third path, anymore than a person has a third arm.

Sophia was the fallen one of self-discovery. Truth, to a woman, is of her, for she is consumed by the world, both of breast and of comfort. Whether that represent, to today’s time, “comfort food” or to simply be stagnant and fearful, a woman is the seducer to the giant, to breed the biblical “The Fall of Man”.

In truth, there is something discovered. In love, there is a person discovered, who makes up our reflection, being not of the one we had seen only of ourselves. For to knowledge’s sake, we are seeing another world, yet a familiar one, for part of that discovered world of love, is ourselves.

Can a woman see that she is the tool of growth, to any nation, to any culture, to any idea of critical thought? Yet, she can be treated as not loved, though produced in a perpetual nature, enough to be someone mass produced of her expulsions. She expels from her the infants for newer generations. Though, when the world booms in population, this is misused, and mere lust becomes the lesson of any human. That lesson is the teaching for a human that they must create, to create, again. Love, or rather, having no choice, has no meaning in this.

For when we love, we have already discovered. And, when we have devoted ourselves, in the name of our life, to that special someone, we lack any choice to escape from them. It is that we do not want to escape, for we have already escaped from a worse world to a better one.

A man realizes to himself that he had nothing in his life, before he enters a woman’s arms, to then comprehend that he has everything.

A woman is the missing ingredient to a man’s moronic existence of continuous ambition. His life of independence halts when he has found a woman, having discovered his answer. To encourage a woman to engage in careers that pertain to science, might relate to the fact that a man has to halt all personal progress, soon as he has found love. When a woman’s psychology is used by the world to create the innumerable choices a society can have, there is no halt of progress. There is, again, the mass production coming from within her. She is continually used, though as merely a means to no end.

When possessing no choice, there is devotion. Though, not to the material, as having no choice will be for the non-material and organic. We love what relates to us, as we relate to what loves us. Therefore, in having no choice, we are not materialistic.