Philosophy – “Why Post-Modernism Causes Poverty” – 4/15/2021

“That which is beautiful cannot be seen for the grime in what is impoverished. An abstraction can be to such a word, in being impoverished, though to be simply lacking. As poverty has its meaning upon what is lost, then beauty will be for what is gained.”

– Modern Romanticism

Post-Modernism has comprehended one thing: that the greater to be practical overcomes what is ever only deemed as beautiful. Yet, it is never the preservation of a creation, relating so much to life and to truth, that whatever is hideous will ever be. To the things only ever deemed as useful, their preservation shall come as limited. Would we treat life this way? Are we to treat all creation in this manner, even of art to the abandoned child?

We cannot treat art as any different than life. Both are creations. To either’s preservation, we are not meant to comprehend the useful or practical as needed for its extension. How do we preserve the food? We do, until it is eaten. How do we preserve life? It is by sacrificing what is meant to disappear, being the material.

From the immaterial to the material, there is art or creation for the former and there is the useful or the practical for the latter. Neither art, nor life, nor truth is meant to be confused as material. It is forever. If buried, then it is alive beneath the figurative earth.

It is the beautiful that is meant to be preserved, relating to life. Beautiful life does not compare to hideous death, nor the trampled impoverished. The impoverished are hideous, as that is just one bitter truth. No matter the taste, one must swallow all meaning to truth. For that is because it is the sweet sort of medicines that resonate as deception, not truth.

Being beautiful, one has lived. One has ascended past poverty. In truth, a comprehension for life not being among the dust, and then one has made themselves beautiful and whole in awareness.

If not Post-Modernism, then love.

If Post-Modernism, then let decay.

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