Philosophy – “Why Diversity of Thought has Originated all other Diversity” – 5/13/2021

“Control the origin and you control the outcome.”

– Modern Romanticism

As some might believe that certain thoughts or types of speech might come across as “hateful”, is nothing short of what stems from the wrong in that ideology.

Speech cannot be hateful, though can act as a reminder. Just as through a wedding or funeral, we either create or remember old memories, with the words that come across as peaceful; nothing of this is based around hatred. Speech is inherently peaceful. Though, the problem some might have with a collection of words, is through how it causes a person to remember. For if a statement of criticism could remind a person of their flaws, they’ll want to repress that trauma.

It is a pettiness to consider that words should be refrained from their usage, especially if the remembrance that comes forth from them is the unvarnished truth.

If to speak is to evoke reminder, then it is to the person who believes speech can be hateful who wishes to never remember what hurts them. Though, it would be the truth, just as any PTSD patient might never want to recall what keeps them from moving forward.

Related to speech, there is its diversity. It is a diversity for what is remembered, though can make up the division in each fragment to a memory. If a memory is fragmented, then so is perhaps the self. If trauma clings to a person, by way of repressed memories, then this is the sole reason a person would state certain speech to be “hateful”. It’s the same reason a person, of this nature, would prefer deception.

Even if not for the sake of trauma, to silence certain speech opens the path to deception. It will make one believe in all words, versus what is specific or meant to be trusted. It means to silence the truth, because deception can come from anywhere.

If the origin is among speech or thoughts, to also have reference to memories, then we can compare a term as “original” to “what is past”, not “what is new”.

Speech or thought would originate all other diversity. A new idea is born from a thought, brought forth in sensible and comprehensible speech. Truth is, to ourselves, a recognizable trait. Deception is then, through this, something that can come from anywhere, referencing the uncertainties within the future. If something can come from “any” place, then it is the “no place” where it originates, tapping into our fears and uncertainties for its unknown presence.

We cannot state for a belief that diversity is everything among newness, without welcoming deception. Welcome deception, and then one forgets the origin for creativity towards the future. Again, diversity’s origin is within thought, then translated into speech. To control certain influxes of thoughts that are displayed to us as speech, is to control all other outcomes of this origin to diversity. It is to admit that the people who wish to present themselves as “diverse” to the world, are being lied to by their encouragers.

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