Poem – “Scars for Newborn Love” – Love Poetry – 6/5/2021

Feathers raised
For clearest flesh, unscarred
In our absence,
With the sky’s only grave
Worth finding.

I recall the quilts
Built upon your form
To the softness
Worth discovering
As you were torn.

While skies were open
For your milk-white neck
Kissed down with droplets
Brought with breath.

While teardrops fade
Atmosphere into blurry white,
Here, loves goes gray
Under the moon’s path
Towards day.

I hold the iris open
Of a bud that never froze –

Your eyes within the bluest
Of white snow to the cruelest
Winter that gave the rush
Back towards your dust.

I love, while entrance becomes exit,
Upon the making of quiet funerals
While your lips shake the burn.

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