Poem – “To Remind the Self” – Romanticism – 6/18/2021

For fewest glimpses
For tears that stray
Aside, for the life of mine
That bleeds a dewdrop too heavy
From hanging eyelids.

For a little warmth
From a glass that shot me
On the crossroads, of painstaking
Life in the fragile glimpse
Through reflection upon
Lost warmth,
Drowned in circles –

Upon eyes
That wept for the sunrise,
Fell for the setting
To another deceased day.

Another drunken aftermath
Upon the wine of dark-red kisses.
Falling to mouths,
Waking to smiles
Kept just in the dreams.

Something sends life.
A bird with a twig
Chewed half to fragments
Inside its puckering beak,
For kisses are soon
To be delivered
On the voyage that melts
Atop its wings.

Deepest warmth
Weeps for the next mile
That will not curve.

A kiss, never led astray
As Death’s quick bite
With Christ to shed His loss
In heartfelt decay.

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