Philosophy – “The Faults with Collectivism” – 6/20/2021

A divided nation is born out of the one without heart, being the leader to such a realm. As such, no leadership through example can be the governance. When it is example that leads all others to what was first made for the self, then it becomes possible for others to follow. Then, it becomes the concern that without leadership through example, there is itself in the implementation of force. One cannot utter praises of unification when being without heart, and their people are divided. To care, even of an examples with an addict, must be without division. It is since division is always comprised from the broken heart, in everything missing in a state to individualism.

Since it is collectivism that resonates in division, then it is never a group that relates to unity. Collectives are the places of division, due to individualism not being among it. One is an individual, when one can admit to their faults. In such an admittance, there is connection among other individuals through the notion of what is flawed, innate always of humanity. Though, a collective will be composed of sorts who never believe in their guilt nor flaws.

If to a nation, raised from a leadership with divided heart, there can be from it just the collectivism that amounts to mere deception. Deception is always to the place of the collective mindset, since the heart has no focus for its collection. It is since collectivism comprehends the resource, though to the heart being divided will result in the same for a nation.

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