Controversial – “Why Activist Professions do not Care” – 9/21/2021

“Be honest on the intent, for the sake of what is being prolonged in its conflict can raise just the opportunists from the fire. Be honest on the intent, and do not deceive when it is another’s burned surroundings that grow the life of your own.”

– Modern Romanticism

Activists are the colonists. Coming to trade. Claiming to care. Then, they claim what is yours. They do so, with your trust involved into what you give. You trade it, they claim to care for it, then they burn it.

They burn it as an example. Then, they steal what is yours, while you believe you are being treated fairly. You are not warned by an activist. You are giving what it is you believe becomes handled with care. Was it not first your truth? Does not the truth being manipulated and used become the lie?

Activists do not care, when a profession just as any other is, by Nature, for the self. A profession is selfish. The professional world is selfish. That is because when it comes to information for how it is given, there is vulnerability from who trusts the other with it. There is one-sided vulnerability. There is one-sided trust. There is the blindness for such trust, and there is a stagnant sort of vulnerability to the one who is trusting of their truth and information not being mishandled.

Activists are just as any rule. Claiming to care, they are, when they possess a profession for it. It is the mere understanding that their profession is to care, that this is a deception. In just being a profession, by this detail, alone, there is no care. There is what is mishandled, treated with carelessness, because it is a profession of supposd care.

Because activism is a profession, this simple detail marks it as both a deception and of no care.

No one, within the professional world, can care. Even among doctors and nurses, there is deception from them to state they would care. In fact, the statement, alone, is enough to provoke further trust. As well, it steers a “client” apart from those who would or should care, being one’s own family and friends.

For truth, on its own, there must be genuine care offered for it, or otherwise deception is to the voice of the one with the profession to it.

Would a therapist offer a price to their own family? For psychological treatment, would a psychologist offer their voice to a friend? If not to be clinical, then to be a friend to another, there is no cost unto this. There is no limited time. There is no strict time limit. There are family and friends who can care, with the added genuineness, in which the professional world lacks.

An activist’s bottom line is the self, being the origin for what their profession entails. It comes back to the origin. Anyone who can pierce their veil of deceit can find out what their motives are. Because, for any words, from themselves, put forth to make another believe there is promised care, comes back to themselves in the help for the mere self.

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