Political – “Why Political Liberalism is an Oxymoron” – 6/30/2021

“Politics. The realm in which anything sincere becomes as blackened as attempting to fry an egg in an erupting caldera.”

– Modern Romanticism

Liberalism or to be a Liberal, as the most fundamental of definitions, is to be a decent human being. Though, that is outside of politics where such is possible.

Politics, in the most fundamental of definitions, is the insincere aspect of speech, carrying more weight through to the populace over actions.

To combine the notion of being a Liberal, meaning to be a decent human being who is willing to help another, with politics, turns everything contradictory. How so? It is because to combine something that is meant to involve a sincere heart, with something else more inclined to be manipulative and deceitful, the latter always wins over. It wins over, by turning something else’s pain into gain. It would not tell another that their pain is their gain, through the understandings of individualism.

Political Liberalism is an oxymoron through how sincerity becomes a deceit. One can be a Liberal, or just a good Samaritan willing to aid their community, and never become involved in politics. Because, to be involved in politics with a so-called sincere heart is to no longer hold such within the self. It is to then become a deceitful echo of perhaps a once-honest and truthful heart.

Outside of politics, sincerity is pure. It holds the heart of willing to sacrifice, for another’s sake. Once again, to involve the honesty that is the root understanding of being sincere, with politics, is to reverse it into dishonesty and deception.

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