Quote – “What it Means to Empathize with a Monster” – 7/18/2021

“Could we ever empathize with the mindset of Hitler, as a characteristic so similar in others? As all monstrous another can be, to empathize with one so beastly in state and appearance calls us to what ourselves can be feeling in their presence. Fear. We fear the monster. If such is the case, then to empathize with a monster is to know their fear. Just as Hitler had feared the Jewish people, believing them a threat to Germany. Or, just as a family evicts an addict out of their home, not out of hatred, though motivated by the fear that their influence would spread. It is usually enough to know that a monster might be pure in their evil, though never sufficient to understand a human’s darkness shows the same depth to a shade as where we hide when they will hunt for us.”

– Modern Romanticism

3 thoughts on “Quote – “What it Means to Empathize with a Monster” – 7/18/2021”

  1. Sometimes we are the monsters and we don’t know. Desperate times make people do dangerous things. Everybody in a bad place need someone to blame. Germany is one of many countries who try to erase a race of people. Look at the USA. Destroying their own cities to create change. Come to my hometown of Detroit. Once 2 million people and busy city. Now dead city with 500,000 people barely alive.

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    1. “Everyone is a slave to something,” I once heard, and through this, people claim injustice is always an external fault.

      Is the darkness any less scary than what we hide within ourselves, always seeking some mote of warmth outside of it? We not only want something to blame, as we also want some lie to find our comfort in.

      Truth is the black smoke to choke us, whereas a lie is the clear air we attempt to find.

      And yet, sometimes not being able to breathe will remind us of what is truly toxic. It is always ourselves. We avoid so much of what we call “negativity”. Though, the darkest of smoke we breathe out can teach us to inhale it back.

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