Poem #1,738 – “After the Currents Recede” – Love Poetry – 7/18/2021

A certain second from the sun
To beckon a quickened heartbeat,
Coming closer upon the run
As Autumn sheds its defeat.
Your face did display in burning notes,
As God worshipped His own tongue –

Weeping in greater days
When love encircled without delays.
Your hair dropped from shoulders to neck,
A cascade to weakened embers.

I still believe in this,
A quiet embrace in a silver second
When the moon crawls a tear
Towards the laid kiss.

Your eyes are never here
To see the sands being covered,
To wander the miles being stretched –

After revealing you from sadness
In each year wrapped in madness.
Deformed, with nothing inborn –

To encase the sting of your reveal
Beyond where hands can reach,
Among all winters when fathers teach –

The nightmare of discipline that nothing raises
A statue in surrender to many phases,
Among a moon that never remembered.

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