Philosophy Series – “Of Humanity” – Pt. 1 – 8/15/2021

“Humans are only complex, because of our curse to overthink ourselves. To our identity that makes us, it is not so complex as to state we are different enough to be unique, even if that uniqueness allows us a moment of pride. Our identity is a human one. We are not above nor beneath another person, when we are equal. We share in pain, as easily we can overcome such, through the vulnerability that tells of ourselves being capable to be wounded.”

– Modern Romanticism

No human possesses no weakness. It is the greatest weakness to believe one has none, since this reveals oneself in the light with the most exposure.

Protection. This enforces the notion of love. To protect the self, would be preferred in the physical sense. However, at the psychological level, protection means more for where a secret can be shared. No friend nor lover should interrogate, though should offer a sense of comfort that one’s secrets are not held within.

Are all a person’s darkest secrets most often carried to the grave? Could that person have been Forest Gump, speaking of everything during a time when they have no one left for confession’s sake? Life is too short to hold it back with weights. Who is a friend to another? Who is a lover to another? Of generations that depict themselves “unique” upon the presence of their scars, comes with the encouragement for isolation or segregation. A birth of prejudiced generations, that is, since to believe one’s pain makes an individual unique, is to renounce the definition behind equality.

We are equal when we know another just the same as the self. As humans are more the same, than different, our current belief to “uniqueness” comes on the notion that we meant to be proud when standing upon our own blood-pools. How does one scar differ from another?

To state, perhaps with pride to the tone of a voice, that another could not possibly comprehend the pain of another, makes to their past not ever something they have forgiven. History is meant to be forgiven, because that is its only challenge. A future is the challenge, not history. We conquer history with one move, as we do for the future with many.

Those who state their past to be differed from another’s have failed to acknowledge that history should never be further complicated. History should be simplified, or otherwise it repeats itself when a certain individual cannot admit it was full of error.

To complicate history at the individual level, meaning to raise oneself on highness with whatever pain they stand upon, furthers this complexity as its strays from what defines the past. A past is a foundation, being nothing more. To elevate a foundation is to raise human suffering to a level where it is never forgiven, though praised. Our belief to our “uniqueness”, at this endeavor, carries us nowhere forward. Instead, we are specimens to be utilized for greater powers, possessing no control of our own, since what is pained is a pillage to those who rule.

Then, to prolong history would mean to repeat itself, as a mass-production on conveyor belts. Profit and pillage is the expense of a society full of individuals who are willing to spill their secrets to wrong sources, instead of correct ones.

4 thoughts on “Philosophy Series – “Of Humanity” – Pt. 1 – 8/15/2021”

    1. It may be because to be a machine is the same as finding a lie more comforting than the truth. Humanity is tears. Our weaknesses and our vulnerabilities are our truths. When we “open up”, so to speak, we are meant to do so in a private manner to those we most trust.

      Yet, I believe that some past generation told the world that flesh can be uncovered without shame. What such a generation forgot is that flesh is the same as truth, because to uncover it means to be vulnerable. It is the same as when a person cries on the shoulder of their closest friend. Nowadays, people will cry on just any shoulder, all because trust has become a blindness, not something for somewhere or someone special. It is no wonder that marriage fails, when current influences will deceive a person into believing trust, not love, is meant to be free. What does this do? It encourages prejudice, and thus, there is distance between people.

      Whatever “genius” thought of the idea to make trust a freedom forgot that this would backfire into most of everyone’s faces, bringing deception as the ingredient to cause ourselves to be, as you said, “machine-like”.

      Machine-like, and we are willing to be used, so much free in trust that we forget that humanity is a reservation for those being special and always close.

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